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Commitment to the Environment
Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer and its subsidiary companies continuously promote environmental conservation on a global basis by recognizing that creating environmentally friendly products is of high importance. We contribute to this effort by supplying products that have less impact on the environment. In order to achieve these goals, all of our employees endeavor to preserve the environment based upon the following actions and principles:
Action Guidelines
Understand environment conservation activity as one of the most important issues in management. The management and all employees shall cooperate to ensure this occurs.
Minimize the effects of production activity upon the environment.
Observe all laws, ordinances, agreements, and other regulations that are related to the environment. Create internal standards to assure these requirements are met.
Reduce environmental impact of our products using the following guidelines:
Energy saving
Reducing electric power consumption by using the most efficient equipment possible
Resource conservation and recycling
Reducing the amount of waste, and promoting recycling of substances
Reducing the amount of packaging materials
Prevention of pollution
Reducing the use restricted substances and eliminating them from our products
Strict control of drainage to public waterways
Reducing emissions of greenhouse effect gasses
Prevention of soil pollution by avoiding leakage from facilities
Develop "Green" new products and procure from "Green" suppliers & partners
Consideration to community
Harmonization with community and natural environment consistent with surrounding communities
Lowering and controlling noise from our plant
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