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RoHS Compliant for Sumitube® and Sumimark®
Directives of the European Parliament & Council 2011/65/EU

You have requested that Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. (SEIP) provide information pertaining to the content of Sumitube® and / or Sumimark® products.

We hereby certify that the Sumitube and Sumimark products listed below comply with current RoHS regulations regarding lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PBB and PBDE content.
Sumitube® A2 Sumitube® K Sumitube® W3B2
Sumitube® A2(3X) Sumitube® K2 Sumitube® W3B2(4X)
Sumitube® A4 Sumitube® K2M Sumitube® W3B2S
Sumitube® A4M Sumitube® K3 Sumimark® SM12
Sumitube® B2 Sumitube® KH200 Sumimark® SM23
Sumitube® B2(3X) Sumitube® KH200(TW) Sumimark® SM24
Sumitube® B2(4X) Sumitube® NH Sumimark® SM31
Sumitube® B2(4XC) Sumitube® NH(TW) Sumimark® SM48
Sumitube® B2(FLT) Sumitube® O2B2 Sumimark® SM60
Sumitube® B8 Sumitube® O2B2S Sumimark® SM3-12
Sumitube® D Sumitube® O2C Sumimark® SM3-23
Sumitube® F(Z) Sumitube® O2F2 Sumimark® SM3-24
Sumitube® F2(Z) Sumitube® R10 Sumimark® SM3-31
Sumitube® F4(Z) Sumitube® SA2F Sumimark® SM3-60
Sumitube® F5(Z) Sumitube® SA3 Sumitube® SR
Sumitube® FC3 Sumitube® SCM2 DPX-1 Tape
Sumitube® FE3 Sumitube® V  
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