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SEIP (Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc.) Who We Are
World leaders in heat shrink technology
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Worldwide manufacturer and sales of heat shrink tubing products
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SEIP's Commitment to the Environment Commitment to the Environment
We supply environmentally friendly products
Product Top
Sumitube® Sumitube® Shrink Tubing
Heat shrink tubing meets all major commercial and military specifications
Sumitube® STS STS Solder Devices & Crimp Kits
Immersion resistant shield terminators and related products
Sumitube® STS Sumitag™ Identification Products
Cable identification marking systems and products designed for high performance applications
Sumimark®IV System SumiMark® Marking Systems
Heat shrink tubing thermal marking system designed for high volume printing
Poreflon Products Poreflon Products
PTFE microporous membranes and filtration products
SM-CM Products SumiMark® SM-CM
Flat, printable marker tags designed for retrofitting applications or use on larger cable assemblies not applicable for heat shrinkable identification
Certificate of RoHS Comliance SUMITUBE® and SUMIMARK® Tubing products are RoHS compliant for minimal environmental impact.    Certificate of RoHS Compliance
What's New Archives
Apr 08, 2016
  SEIP is happy to announce completion and certification to ISO9001:2015
Jan 19, 2016
  SumiMark IV-200 DPI Marking System and Software Announcement
Nov 02, 2015
  SM Heat Shrink Tubing Discontinuation
Effective 12/31/15, SM3 heat shrink tubing will continue manufactured
Sep 01, 2015
  Sumitag™ Product Release
Jun 01, 2015
  SumiMark II Marking System Support Announcement