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NEWS: SUMIMARK SM-CM Printable Cable Marker Tag Product Release Announcement.
SumiMark SM-CM printable cable marker tags are flat, irradiation crosslinked, flame-retarded polyolefin marker tags designed for use with the SumiMark IV 300 dpi Marking System. Typical applications include identification of large cable assemblies not conducive to heat shrink tubing or self-adhesive labels, or for cable assembly rework.
Product Overview
  • Flat Marker Tag
  • Military Grade
  • Colors – White
  • Sizes – ¼” and ½” Printable Area
  • Operating Temperature is - 55° C to +135° C
  • UV Resistance to 720 Hrs Exposure
  • Fungus Resistant
Additional Information
Thank you for considering the SumiMark SM-CM. For more information on this or any other of our products, please contact us at 1-800-758-3515 or e-mail us.
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