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Sumitube® STS - Solder Devices & Crimp Splice Kits Overview
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Sumitube® STS devices allow for the reliable solder termination of a wide variety of coaxial cables as well as pin-to-pin, and wire-to-pin connection applications.

Sumitube® STS solders, strain-relieves, electrically insulates, and mechanically protects splices in a single, quick and easy step.

Sumitube® STS devices with meltable inserts also environmentally seal connections at the same time. Optional preinstalled wire or braid leads further enhance the versatility and number of uses for STS products.
Engineered performance
Made to exacting standards, Sumitube® STS devices use high temperature and fluid resistant crosslinked fluoropolymer heat-shrinkable tubing as the outer sleeve. A precise amount of fluxed solder that is visible through the sleeve eliminates any guesswork and results in perfect uniform solder joints every time. Sealing inserts are specially formulated to melt and flow at the proper time and rate to assure environmentally sealed connections.
Easy to install
The operator simply positions the Sumitube® STS device over the prepared stripped wire or cable and applies heat using a hot air or infrared heating tool. Only a minimal amount of training is required.
Reliable, repeatable, inspectable
Sumitube® STS devices provide solder connections with superior electrical and mechanical characteristics. Finished assemblies all have the same amount of solder and flux making your process more productive and predictable. The transparent outer sleeve makes it simple to visually inspect the solder connection. Splices made with Sumitube® STS are also fully and easily repairable.
Lower installed cost
Higher yields, fast application rates and high reliability means money saved. Simple one piece construction reduces handling and inventory requirements further lowering cost.
Because it is heat-shrinkable, one size of Sumitube® STS can cover multiple wire gauges. The available choices of hot air or infrared as heat sources allows for further flexibility.
Custom design capability
SEIP offers unique custom design capabilities not available anywhere else. We would be happy to review your special needs and provide engineering support to supply solutions to your most challenging applications. Please contact us at 1-800-758-3515 or e-mail us for further information regarding custom designs.
We proudly offer STS products that are SAE AS83519, NAS 1744, 1745 and 1746 compliant.
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Sumitube STS - Solder Device