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Below is a series of videos designed to provide a step-by-step look various features within the Sumilabel software. Click on the text link under the Topics column to view the video. You may also find additional information within the Sumilabel® Help Documents section on the preceding page.
Topic Description
Introduction to Sumilabel Provides a basic, start-to-finish overview of how to create and print a job.
How to Add Inventory Details how to add SumiMark® SM3 tubing, via a QR code, to the Inventory Management Module. A required procedure before using your SumiMark® Marking System.
How to Create a Job Provides step-by-step details on how to create and edit a Set, Job and Marker.
How to Use the Advanced Editor Now that you’ve created a job, you need to spruce it up. This is a step-by-step video showing how to utilize the Advanced Editor feature to add graphics, Logos, barcodes and additional lines of text to your marker.
How to Design a Template Designing a template is helpful when you have only a few jobs with identical format, but varying text within a marker. This video shows you how to create a Template to maximize your time and reduce errors.
How to Add a Graphic Adding a logo or graphic to your job is easy. This video shows you how.
How to Serialize Data Have a job which requires a series of alpha or numeric characters on the same marker? This video details the most common way to accomplish the task.
Using the Data Import Wizard Need to import data from an Excel or Text file? Or, MS Access or SQL database? No problem. This video shows you how to import data from various formats either automatically or manually. This is a must-see video if you’re a lean manufacturing facility.
Excel Drag and Drop Is Excel your preferred method of importing data? If yes, check out this video on how to easily move data from Excel to populate a job with a simply mouse click and move.
Import Data from an SQL Server Import data into SumiLabel from an SQL server with built-in importation functionality.
How to Import SumiMark® Files If have SumiMark files which need to be imported into Sumilabel, this is the video for you.
Embedding Data into Barcodes Use variables to embed data within compatible barcodes with Sumilabel and the Advanced Editor.
How to Change Product Have an existing Job that you’d like to run with other material? Change the product within a Job with just a few clicks!
How to Create a Human Readable Barcode Make the data within a barcode readable at-a-glance with a variable and a line of text using Sumilabel’s Advanced Editor.
Using the Print Queue Manager Manage your multi-printer lean manufacturing environment with ease using Print Queues and the Print Queue Manager.
Using the Generic Import Tool Use the Generic Import tool to make use of data from a wide variety of sources.
How to Use Variables as Counters Learn about Sumilabel’s advanced Variables feature, and how to turn a variable into a flexible Counter for use in your markers.
Overview - Printer Options Take a look at the different printer settings available to you, and see what they can do for your markers.
Overview - User Options Customize your user experience with Sumilabel using the User Options.
Overview - General Options Change the application preferences, define user permissions, and more with the General Options.