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Below is a library of written documents created to provide an overview of common features offered within the Sumilabel advanced software. Click on the text link under the Topics column to view the video. You may also find additional information within the Sumilabel Software Videos section on the preceding page.
Topic Description
Inventory Hygiene Ensuring your SumiMark® SM3 tubing is correctly managed and utilized is key to successful printing. This document details how to keep your inventory in good order.
How to Add a Job to a Set With this feature, you can add multiple Jobs to a single Set. A highly useful feature for proper job organization.
How to Import SumiMark® 6.0 Files Need to import files from SumiMark® 6.0 software? It’s easy. View this document to find out how.
Print Settings Knowing how to manage print settings is key to obtaining optimal print quality and efficiency. This document points out key settings you may need to be aware of before printing.
Cutter Control To use a cutter or not? That is the question. This document has the answer. Check it out to see various cutter controls.
Serialization No need to waste time creating an individual marker for each sequential character. Click here to see how to use the Serialize feature and save time!
How to Add Graphics Why not place a logo on your markers? It promotes your brand, looks good and it’s easy to do!
How to Create a Template Sumilabel offers incredible flexibility when creating a customized marker. Use the Template Designer feature to create your perfect marker!