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Poreflon® PTFE Hollow Fiber & Filtration Modules
Global water scarcity and environmental concerns are driving a new generation of reclamation technologies and systems designed to separate fresh water from contaminants. Membrane based separation systems minimize the need for chemical addition while reducing the number of moving parts and energy-consuming stages.

Membranes used in industrial and municipal treatment systems require precise particle retention characteristics, and must be durable and robust for consistent longterm performance, even after years of backwashing and chemical cleaning.

Poreflon® PTFE hollow fiber sets new standards in flow, durability and strength. Resistant to most waste streams and cleaning agents, Poreflon® hollow fiber has precisely controlled porosity, allowing optimization to the suspended solid while maximizing flux. Proprietary manufacturing processes increase mechanical strength, ensuring consistent recovery post cleaning, and integral end terminations for the life of the system.
Internal and External Pressure Modules
Crossflow design microfiltration
Pressurized dead-end capable
Waste water reclaim
UPW & hot UPW filtration
Pharmaceutical & biotech separations
Wide range of vessel configurations
Submerged Modules
Membrane bioreactor arrays
Gold & semiprecious metal reclaim
Sparging assemblies
Wide range of array hardware materials
Process & design assistance
SEIP offers Poreflon® hollow fiber products in complete assembled modules of multiple designs. Together we can specify the right Poreflon® product for your upcoming or retrofit project.
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