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Sumitag ZHS
Zero Halogen Sleeve
Product Overview:
Zero-halogen and flame retardant heat shrinkable tubing. Our ZHS tubing contains no added halogens and offers excellent fire safety characteristics combined with minimal smoke emission. Flexible polyolefin sleeves ideal printability properties for identification purposes for wire identification and insulation purposes.
Product Features:
  • Zero halogen
  • Flame-retarded, self-extinguishing
  • Print on liner feature for process efficiency
  • Perforated liner fan folds for quick marker referencing
  • Ladder design provides kitting capability
  • Perforation after every sleeve allows for easy sorting
  • 1/2”, 1” and 2” lengths available
  • Colors - white and yellow as standard. Other colors available
  • Flame retardant to meet UL 224
Product Applications:
  • Wire Identification
  • Wire Protection
  • Abrasion Protection
  • Strain Relief
  • Fluid Resistance
Order Information:
  • Contact your Sumitomo distributor for pricing and availability
  • Click here if you do not have a current Sumitomo distributor
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