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Sumitag™ HTC High Temperature
Continuous Printable Heatshrink
Product Overview:
High temperature rated, flexible, highly flame retardant, polyvinylidene fluoride printable sleeves. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties with low friction surface. This sleeving is suitable in applications where extreme temperatures and exposure to harsh chemicals can be found. Typical used in aerospace harness building. Markers are supplied in continuous roll form in a flattened format, having been conditioned for printing.
Product Features:
  • Continuous design allows for variable cut lengths to fit application and reduce waste
  • Flame retardant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Colors - white
  • SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/18, Class 1
  • UL224 VW-1 Flammability
Product Applications:
  • Wire Identification
  • Wire Protection
  • Abrasion Protection
  • Strain Relief
  • Fluid Resistance
Order Information:
  • Contact your Sumitomo distributor for pricing and availability
  • Click here if you do not have a current Sumitomo distributor
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