CLHX Cable Label - Extended Fire Safety, High Temperature

Flat, Non-Shrinkable, Cable Tag

LUL 1-085 LUL 2-01001-002 (E1042A6) EN45545 (HL1, HL2 & HL3) BS6853 Cat. 1a BS 4G198, Part 3, Type 15 DEF STAN 59-97, Type 8


  • Used mainly for mass transit applications where human safety is critical.
  • Apply using tie-wraps.
  • Designed for use on large cables and harnesses.
  • Perfect for retrofitting where removal of existing cables is problematic.
  • Time saving ladder format for convenient use and storing

Product Overview

Heat-shrinkable tubing
Flame-Retarded, Self Extinguishing Polyolefin
Shrink ratio
Not applicable
Shrink temperature
Not applicable
Continuous operating temperature
-40° C to +105° C
Available colors
Yellow, White
Flame Retarded
Environmental compliance
Specifications / Approvals

Additional Information

Design Ladder
Mark Performance SAE-AS5942
Fluid Resistance MIL-STD-202G Method 215J
Recommended Printer Sumitag BB, Sumitag SS
Recommended Ribbon SM3 Super Ribbon
Software Sumilabel

Basic Properties

Property Value
Tensile Strength 7.0 MPa min.
Elongation (%) 200 min.
Toxicity Index (D Stan.) 0.938 max.
Smoke Index (D. Stan) 5.6 Max
Oxygen (D. Stan) 36 Max
Flame Temp Index (D. Stan) 355 Max

*For reference use only


Marker Size Text Area Markers Per Box Order Code
Inches MM
2.5 x 3/8 1.5 x 3/8 38.1 x 9.5 1,450 CLHX-2.5-3/8-WE
3 x 1/2 2 x 1/2 50.8 x 12.7 1,100 CLHX-3-1/2-WE
3.5 x 1 2.75 x 1 69.85 x 25.4 750 CLHX-3.5-1-WE


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