At Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with superior products that always conform to their requirements and are consistently delivered on time.

Our motto is “Reliability plus Integrity make Credibility”. We realize that through a program of defect prevention and continuous business improvement through the participation of our responsible and accountable employees and business partners. By working together we strive to meet our customers need and ensure their satisfaction.

SEIP demonstrates this commitment in the following ways:

Environmental Policy

The Sumitomo Group has pursued industrial development in harmony with local communities and the natural environment throughout its 400-year history. As a member company with a basis on this foundation, SEIP pursues business activities in such a way as to promote environmental conservation. Recognizing that various initiatives such as creating a low-carbon footprint that alleviates climate change, preserving the global environment, using energy, water and resources sustainably, preventing pollution and controlling waste emissions are the most important and long-term concerns that all individuals and organizations must address, we have established our Environmental Policy as detailed below.

It is the Environmental Policy of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. to continually improve on the Environmental Prevention of hazards through monitoring objectives and targets of predetermined aspects and pollutants while complying with the relevant environmental Legislation, Regulations and Requirements.

See Certificates Below

SEIP is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activities as well as to improve the environment based on the ISO 14001 environment management system.

In pursuing our business activities SEIP shall comply with the following guidelines and work to achieve the aims of its environmental Basic Policy.

Basic stance with regard to the environment:
To place importance on protecting the environment as a good corporate citizen in accordance with the Sumitomo Corporation’s Activity Guidelines.

Compliance with environmental legislation:
To strictly observe legislation related to environmental matters and to abide by any agreements made.

Caring for the natural environment:
To place great importance on preserving the environment, including the natural ecosystem and biodiversity.

Response to climate change:
To place great importance on mitigating climate change and adapting to its impact.

Efficient use of resources and energy:
To be mindful of the finite availability of resources and energy and strive to use them both efficiently and effectively.

Contributing to the building of a recycling-oriented business:
To endeavor to help build a recycling-oriented business by reducing waste and reusing and recycling resources.

Product Quality

We have extensive in-house testing and associated inspection facilities for electrical, physical, environmental and chemical testing to verify and certify products to relevant national, defense standards including Military Specification 23053. We also support testing for automotive and commercial aviation requirements.

Measured samples of every batch are put through a range of inspections and tests by our qualified, experienced QA technicians to ensure they conform to test requirements. Laboratory tests to national, aerospace, automotive, defense and international standards means materials and products are subjected to extreme temperature environments, from 350C to -65C, simulated tropical conditions, heat shock, electrical insulation resistance, voltage proof and dielectric strength testing up to 30 KV, rate of burning and flammability testing to UL224 and UL94, radial extension and longitudinal tensile strength and elongation tests as well as dip cycle and full immersion fluid contamination testing.

Inspection and test equipment in our dedicated test laboratories is embraced by our calibration system, traceable to national standards and product approval to relevant aerospace and defense standards.

Management Systems

SEIP maintains Quality Management System certifications to the most current versions of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. We are also an approved supplier on the Qualified Products List for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Participation in these programs demonstrates SEIP’s commitment to having a developed Quality Management System that is robust and actively improving to guarantee the conformance of our products and services.

As part of these programs SEIP has regular rigorous audits performed which verify our policies and processes within our organization are capable and which ultimately assures customers that certification accompanying delivered parts is genuine.

In accordance with our QMS, continuous improvement programs for products and processes play a major role in driving forward gains in efficiency through advanced techniques in lean manufacturing, value stream mapping, 5S auditing and the elimination of waste in production processes.

Sampling plans are utilized on final inspection to ensure consistency of products prior to dispatch and First Article Inspection Reports, (FAIRs), to AS9102 are available by request with customer purchase orders.


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