Widest Range of Heat Shrink Products

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. offers the widest range of heat shrink products covering Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Industrial, Commercial and Medical markets.

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Market Leading Heat Shrink Marking Systems

Our SumiMark and Sumitag Marking Systems and Sumilabel software are specifically designed to enable the self-production of high performance identification sleeves and cable markers.

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Solder Termination Sleeves & Crimp Devices

Our Solder Termination Sleeves and Crimp Devices allow for the reliable solder termination of a wide variety of coaxial cables as well as pin-to-pin, and wire-to-pin connection applications.

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1 Million Miles of Tubing - Made in the U.S.!

Since our opening in 1996, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. has produced heat shrink tubing in the U.S. In fact, we estimate 1 million miles - and growing!

Heat Shrink Tubing and Cable Identification for Every Major Industry

At Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (SEIP), we’ve been producing superior quality heat shrink tubing products since 1996. Our products, designed to perform in the harshest environments and the most extreme conditions, are qualified, certified and approved to national and international standards. Thanks to our global reach, many high-profile customers rely on us to support their supply chain needs.
Our Sumitube heat-shrinkable tubing utilizes the shape memory effect of plastics enhanced by electron beam irradiation. Read more…
Our high-performance cable identification ranges, SumiMark, and Sumitag, developed for the cable assembly identification industry, includes marking systems, heat shrink sleeves, and non-shrink panel labels and cable labels. Read more…

Our Products


Sumitube heat shrink tubing meets all major commercial and military specifications.

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Our cable identification marking systems and products designed for high performance applications.

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Solder Termination Sleeves (STS). Immersion resistant shield terminators and related products.

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For more than 30 years, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. has manufactured high quality products for the automotive, aerospace, military, rail/transit, heavy equipment, commercial and medical markets. Our advanced identification products are designed and made to meet the exacting requirements of these industries and satisfy numerous government and commercial specifications and approvals.

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Sumitomo Electric’s irradiated heat shrink products are widely used in a variety of applications which require general insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, chemical and fluid resistance, corrosion protection, maintenance and repair, plus identification of wires. Our products are used virtually everywhere industrial and commercial products are manufactured.

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Corporate Philosophy and Basic Policy of Management

As part of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. strictly adheres to the Corporate Philosophy and Basic Policy of Management found within The Sumitomo Electric Group statement of articles. In accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, shall strive to be a group of companies worthy of society’s trust by conducting the business activities in an honest manner.

The Sumitomo Spirit

The Sumitomo Spirit grew out of the guiding principles set down by Sumitomo founder Masatomo Sumitomo in his “Monjuin Shiigaki” (the Aphorisms of Monjuin). This corporate spirit has been developed, deepened, and handed down over generations in the Sumitomo Family enterprise, and its essence was distilled in the Rules Governing the Sumitomo family established in 1882, and formulated into two business principles in 1891. Although there were some corrections to the wording, the Business Principles have been inherited with no change in the contents up to now.


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