Appointments are required for all on-site visits. Please bring your completed SEIP Visitor Health Screening Questionnaire. If you have any questions, please contact


Supplier Requirements A (All Suppliers)
Supplier Requirements B (All USA Suppliers Except Service-Only)
Supplier Requirements C (All International Suppliers except Service-Only)
Supplier Requirements D (All Service-Only Suppliers)
Supplier Requirements E (All Subcontractors except Service-Only)
Supplier Requirements F (Critical Suppliers)

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

M27304 SEIP Supplier Quality System Survey
Description: Survey required for all critical suppliers at the time of supplier set-up or reactivation, and annually for Rank 1 critical suppliers.

Quote Requirements
Required information for quotes.

SEIP Visitor Health Screening Questionnaire
Questionnaire required for all on-site visitors.

Sumitomo Electric Group Supplier Code of Conduct
Description: This SCOC encapsulates the minimum requirements that SEIP expects its suppliers to adhere to when supplying products or services.


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